Peer Support for QantasGroup Pilots and Families

PAN is a group of pilots and partners who have volunteered to help fellow crew members and their families. Our members come from all ranks and aircraft types and we are committed to supporting the well-being of our peers.

PAN: People you know who care enough to listen.


PAN is people who understand your profession and work environment. All of our members are trained to listen and offer support in an informal, non-judgemental, secure way. They aim to offer care and support rather than seek a direct resolution. Whilst most PAN members are not qualified counsellors or psychologists, they have access to a wide range of professional resources when required.


…the person you choose to speak to and no one else. No information is recorded by PAN other than a statistical summary. Names and all other details remain confidential between the PAN member you contact and yourself. All PAN members sign a deed of confidentiality and they know that the primary thing that defines PAN and  enables peer support to work is that confidentiality.


…Any issue at work or home that may be causing you difficulty. Common issues we see are relationships, training and/or assessment problems, health, stress, fatigue, financial and work issues. If you have ANY issue causing you concern you can talk to PAN. And you won’t be Robinson Crusoe… almost 20% of the pilot group have contacted PAN at some time.


Despite the fact that PAN is supported financially by Qantas and AIPA, PAN maintains it’s independence and the highest regard for confidentiality. We know that confidentiality is fundamental to freedom of discussion and the peer support process. If you need a chat with someone familiar with your world and yet is outside the conventional pathways… give a PAN member a call today.

Need someone to listen who cares, is non-judgemental, and understands a little of the world in which you live? That’s what PAN is all about!

What you’ll find on this website…

Someone Who'll Listen......

We live unusual lives… want to talk to someone who lives a similar life? The great thing about talking to PAN is you’ll be talking to someone who also knows the joys an pitfalls of being an aviator in the modern world. And, as we know… it ain’t all “beer-and-skittles”.  That is the essence of PAN, of “peer support”. We are not experts, we will not solve you problems for you… but we will listen and we do care. Sometimes that is enough.

Information about PAN

You may have some questions about PAN… who we are, how we operate, where we came from. It is not a secret…
Additional Resources

Support Groups, Helplines & Resources

There are some fantastic support groups for various issues, and many have 24/7 helplines and online chat for support when you need it. Check out the list of support groups and resources.

The PAN Blog

Join us for a bit of fun, entertainment and education at The PAN Blog! Every now and again we come across some great info or resources that may be of interest to anybody who realises humans are not Supermen.  Drop by and have a look, and subscribe to keep informed when new stuff is added.

PAN is Confidential Care for Pilots and Their Families

PAN is all about “Peer Support” and we do care. There is always somebody to listen, someone who cares and isn’t going to judge you. Problems in your life? … give PAN a call!